August 13, 2020 | 11:25

New Blog started

You’re damn late!

This was the initial response of a friend while showing him a previev.

But finally, here we are. This is a blog round about my work and all the things I am taking care of. Everything is work in progress and this website is kind of Playground seperated from the formal official website.

As you might have expected: No 3rd party ressources, no data collection or transfer to 3rd parties. This website is built and operated with free software only (Builder, Hugo, Gitea, Debian, Apache and damn I am so proud of!

Structured into micro-blog for short, daily interjections, which may of course include my sarcastic, unreflective, personal opinion, and the longer, more technically substantiated blogs. Please consider the fact that my main language is German and only a subset of items is translated into English.

I hope you enjoy it! Of course, with one discreet remark: I am a professional consultant and am looking forward to interesting projects, talks or contracts. So don’t hesitate to contact me.

There is no commentary function. There are also no contact forms and that for good reason. If you have something to comment please do so in the Kuketz-Forum, where you may see me quite regularly.

Tomas Jakobs

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