September 14, 2020 | 17:20
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Exchange Replacement

I really just wanted to show you this Fnord, which is a very Microsoft-like thing:

so typical Microsoft

Well however, you might ask why I am tackling with Outlook 2019, let me please explain. A company with 40 mailboxes has decided to abandon its Exchange server. The following sentence is for all accountants and auditors: We are talking about cost-savings of 15-25% per year!

Now everything runs with common internet standards on a Debian 10 with all the comfort and convenience as before: Starting with EAS-ActiveSync for Outlook (sigh if it has to be), a great webmailer, public folders, calendars, contacts and even resources. Here are some more screenshots:

Modern Webmailer EAS without Exchange

With pleasure I would like to help you to migrate youe Exchange. Furthermore I can also setup, host and maintenance your Mailserver as MX in the internet.

Don’t hesitate to contact me
Sincerely, Tomas Jakobs

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