September 21, 2020 | 12:26
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Digitization in Schools: Micosoft Myth-Busted

Today Mike Kuketz published a great article in his blog on Digitization in schools and on educational policy, unfortunately in German only, but worth to read:

Bildungswesen: Entlarvung der häufigsten Microsoft-Mythen

Have fun reading and a good start to the week!
Here are some Power-Quotes:

Therefore, only product training courses take place. The expiration date for such trained knowledge will be exceeded by the next update of the user interface and subsequently has to be re-learned. So students do not receive digital competence about how something works from a technical point of view, but rather which “buttons” they have to press.

With the example of the Corona-Warning-App, developed by SAP and Telekom, it is clearly proven that open source can lead to more transparency, more security and more independency from manufacturers or corporations. The resulting departure from classic licensing models not only leads to cost reduction, but also provides more (planning) certainty and boosts the regional business. The long-term objective should be investments in services rather than in licence fees, since proprietary software licence schemes often do not provide real added value or benefit.

Transparency note:

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