October 7, 2020 | 10:00
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Another Exchange Migration to Linux

One more SME customer (approx. 250 users spread over several nationwide locations) is migrating away from Exchange to free and Open Source solution. With the ready-to-use installation of a new Linux mail server I have provided my very modest contribution. The rest of the user and the data transfer will be done by the customer’s own IT department.

Users can continue to work in their familiar Outlook and mobile client environment when the new EAS accounts are rolled out “side-by-side” to the existing onces. From one second to another, the switch can be carried out without hassle or downtime just by reconfiguring the reverse proxy and the mail gateway. Time-consuming, cost-intensive and above all “hard” migration paths are no longer necessary.

However, the best thing is: No more Exchange black box, no vendor lock-in1 and no subscription traps, as Microsoft announced recently2.

Anyone who doesn’t want to become digitally dependent should opt for free solutions. I would be happy to assist you with your migration.

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Tomas Jakobs

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