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Webinar: Security of Conferencing Software

Within a " digital breakfast " I will give a presentation for the DigiNet Südwestfalen at

November, 3rd 2020, 08:30 am at my own Conferencing-Server
Topic: “Security of Conferencing Software”

giving Stakeholders and Decision-Makers Orientation for risk-assesment. This is a non-public event, please register via Sonja Pfaff on the DiginetSWF Website.

About DigiNet Südwestfalen:

In early 2019, the Transferverbund Südwestfalen started to track down service providers and networks active in the field of digitalization in South Westphalia as part of the NRW.Innovationspartner funding project and to connect them into an open network. The aim is to get to know each other, but also to increase visibility in the region so that companies can find the right solution partner more quickly or young talents can find their suitable employer.

About Tomas Jakobs:

Born in 1975 in Plana, Czech Republic he grew up in the Siegerland and studied at the University of Siegen. During his course of studies in 1998 he started his self-employment with individual software development and consulting. Until 2004 he was active with a lectureship at the bbz professional training centre of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce Siegen and the TÜV Academy Rhineland. As specialist in digital called when standard solutions and concepts fail. Profound project experience for more than two decades with references ranging from the German Second Television to well-known corporations and medium-sized companies to small shops and GP’s offices. In his work, he has migrated companies from closed, proprietary to open and free technologies, helping them to boost competitiveness while reducing IT spending.

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