December 4, 2020 | 08:05
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Xojo User Meeting 11.12.2020, 1800 LT

Last XOJO User Meeting (in german) this year is scheduled on upcoming Friday, 11th 2020 at 1800 LT.


  • New Xojo Version since out last Meeting
  • Apple Silicon and Xojo
  • Lookback and Outlook for the next year

Of course everything as rough orientation. Anybody with an interesting project or topic is invited to join and give a presentation. Duration of the Meeting: approx 45-60 Min followed by smalltalk with open end, Chatham House Rule applies.

Link to Conference-room:

The passwort will be published here and in XOJO Forum couple of hours short of the Meeting.

Passwort: 864186

You are welcome. and don’t forget: Don’t eat yellow snow…

See you!

Dont Eat Yellow Snow

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