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Working at Home 14 Years Ago

This picture shows my home office in the year 2007. At the bottom left, you can see my last productive bare-metal Microsoft installation. A WinXP, Office 2003 and Visual Studio .NET installation. In the middle above and below you can find my primary system of choice back in those days, an openSUSE Linux. At least till the release of the iPhone a year later in 2008. This was the initial spark for switching to macOS and iOS. Yes, I was a switcher!

Homeoffice in the year 2007

Why i am showing the picture? The two small, black, round balls on the left and in the middle on the monitors are webcams. Videotelephony was an established daily driver at this time. We often kept them continuously running in the background for spontaneous “I’m on it now” or “please log off the server, I’m restarting the service” coordination. Teammates could always come in to say “hello” or having smalltalk while drinking coffee and eating cookies.

Please understand my pain and inner tortures straight out of hell each time when witnessing today’s level of Digitisation and digital inability displayed in videoconferences.

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Tomas Jakobs

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