April 27, 2021 | 15:00
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New PDF-Workflow

The last two days I improved my own architecture and extended everything with a PDF workflow. If you like, you may download my larger blog series from the previous year in one piece as a PDF file and read them offline, a total of 75+ pages of condensed facts:

Come on, PDFs for old articles? Seriously? Well these are just test-balloons and working examples for my new PDF workflow. With the help of Pandoc, Git, Bash and Xelatex I have been able to achieve a significant improvement. The three linked PDFs are 100% automatically created from the content of this blog without my intervention. In future, this workflow will also be used for audits, documentation or other articles for third parties.

Screenshot of a night session

A nice side effect: No proprietary software, no Apple Pages nor Affinity Designer had to be used to create these PDFs. At the same time, I have 100% confidence, that I will still be able to use the content 20 years from now on, whatever hard- and software are used then.

The blog article on Pandoc, Tex and how everything seamlessly docks with Hugo will follow soon.

Stay healthy!
Tomas Jakobs

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