May 11, 2022 | 07:30
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Raspberry in the Background

Visualisations, live feeds from surveillance cameras or digital display solutions (eSignage) usually run on classic PC hardware. Hidden in industrial cabinets and protected enclosures, a lot of effort is spent when the only thing that matters is often the display of a simple web application. In addition, there are license or cloud subscriptions that companies rarely need.

In the upcoming c’t issue 12/2022 starting 21 May, I show in a 4-page practical article1 how small single-board Raspi computers with free Debian and Firefox manage this task better and more economically.

The industrial cabinets pictured in the article come from an SME customer who has taken advantage of the potential of free software and has been able to significantly reduce their costs and dependencies.

Buy the next c’t, read it, build it!

With this in mind,
Tomas Jakobs

Preview of ct article by Tomas Jakobs

Update from 21.05.2022

Link to article added in footnote

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