March 8, 2023 | 12:00
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Telekom MangentaCloud becomes Nextcloud

Congratulations to Telekom with its millions of MagentaCloud1 users. Throughout the year2, they will switch to Nextcloud3 and the online office service Collabora4, based on the free LibreOffice5. This is a real success story for Nextcloud and its years of work in winning over ISPs6.

This reduces the arguments of proponents of Microsoft365 solutions who consider Nextcloud, Collabora, or Libreoffice as niche solutions. In recent years, I have personally seen the exact opposite. More and more people are using open-source solutions as a replacement for unpredictable and expensive subscription license models.

Screenshot of this article as a document within Collabora on my own Nextcloud instance

For existing Telekom customers, it is worth checking what benefits are included. It is unclear what limitations will be in place in the MagentaCloud as compared to self-hosted instances. According to reports in the Heise Forum, there is only one main user.6 In my managed cloud solutions, for example, there is no SSH and no root access for end customers.7

The on-premise Nextcloud instance on your own hardware remains the best recommendation. For those who are less technically proficient, MagentaCloud will be the first choice. With the Nextcloud app “Edit Files in Libreoffice,” which I presented two years ago, documents can be easily edited offline in the locally installed LibreOffice.8 Thanks to Federation9, data can be easily shared and prevent a vendor lock-in effect.10 In case of need, everything can be taken to your own instance.

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