March 25, 2023 | 14:01
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Some baselines on Microsoft

In a developer forum today I came across a Netcraft statistic that shows how meaningless Mirosoft has become with its IIS server, .aspx and .NET webservices.1

The largest loss in sites for a major vendor this month comes from Microsoft, which is down 2,866,173 sites (-9.59%) and 74,094 domains (-0.98%).

Since the peak in 2017/2018 with over 50% share of web servers, the statistics show only one direction. All this in the face of steadily growing server sales2 and more VMs or containers per unit.

Netcraft statistics on web server distribution

Today, Microsoft is languishing somewhere below 5% in almost all metrics. Only in mail server usage it holds up at 13% with its servers and more or less forced hybrid Exchange usage.3

If these baselines are not enough and you still think Microsoft is the non plus ultra, here are a few more data points:

  1. Merely 1.2% of all internet hosts come from the Azure.4
  2. Half of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile devices5, where Microsoft has no relevance.6
  3. Only 27% of all devices on the internet are powered by Microsoft Windows, and the trend is downward.7

statcounter statistics on Windows penetration

Especially when looking at the long term, it becomes clear how Microsoft has literally crashed in almost all metrics from a high level in the past 5-10 years.

Anyone making long-term technology decisions for their business today would be well advised not to gamble on Microsoft.

With a steadily rising share price8 and a steadily shrinking market share, it doesn’t take a degree in economics to predict that a drastic caesura is imminent.

With this in mind,
Tomas Jakobs

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