September 10, 2020 | 11:00

Script for Testing-Farm

Yesterday evening somebody desperately fought in despair with Packer, the younger sister of Vagrant. The goal was to create a testing farm of n machines for Virtualbox and make them accessible via SSH for further automated software testing/rollout. For me, this is much easier by using a simple bashscript. This morning I’ve made one even before the very first cup of coffee. #!/bin/bash # Pfad zur Master .ova Datei MASTER_OVA="$HOME/projects/testingfarm/DebianBuster.ova" # Anzahl der gewünschten VMs AMOUNT=2 # Name der VMs (Index und Datum werden noch angefügt = NAME-n-YYYYMMDD) PREF_VMNAME="debian" # Anzahl der CPUs PREF_CPU=1 # Zugewiesener Speicher PREF_MEMORY=1024 # Datums-Suffix THE_DATE=$(date +%Y%m%d) # Logdatei zum prüfen THE_LOG="$HOME/projects/testingfarm/$THE_DATE-$PREF_VMNAME. Read more

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