November 21, 2021 | 14:00

Digitalisation out of hell

10 years ago, the buzzword and digitalisation project “Industry 4.0” first emerged with nothing less in mind than the intention of unleashing a fourth industrial revolution.1 Revolution as a term and metaphor is, of course, nonsense. Anyone with the slightest sense in the matter knows that digitalisation is rather like a marathon with many intermediate stages and does not come overnight to a company as a result of a management decree. Read more

August 18, 2021 | 07:01

Raspi Horchposten in c't 19/2021

Hard-wired networks are usually provided with numerous security features. With wireless networks, however, admins often remain blind to intrusion attempts, which can be carried out by inexperienced users thanks to affordable gadgets. The remedy is a Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS). Sounds expensive, but it isn’t. Read more

August 7, 2021 | 14:23

Beyond Good and Evil

Recently I was looking for a very particular music track. It is a song from the 2017 anime adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell” with Scarlett Johansson. More precisely: the official trailer music1, which was not included in the sound score and therefore cannot be found in any of the mainstream music stores. Read more

April 20, 2021 | 08:20

Anti-Pattern for Complexity Reduction

There is an unwritten law in software development and IT operations. An anti-pattern1 for effective problem solving and complexity reduction. No one is crazy enough to adopt it. No customer on earth willing to pay for it. But they exist, the bright moments in the life cycle of a company, where this law can be applied. Read more

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